The Halfling's Gem

Author: R.A. Salvatore
Book #3 of Series: The Icewind Dale Trilogy
View: 10849
Published year: 1999
Price: Free

The Halfling's Gem(The Icewind Dale Trilogy 3) "He left this," Pellman continued, handing the tiny pouch to Wulfgar. "And bade me to tell you that he will await your arrival in Calimport." Wulfgar held the pouch tentatively, as if expecting it to explode in his face. "Our thanks," Drizzt told Pellman. "We will tell our associate that you performed the task admirably." Pellman nodded and bowed, turning away as he did so, to return to his duties. Drizzt led Wulfgar off to the side, out of plain view. Seeing the barbarian's paling look, he took the tiny pouch and gingerly loosened the draw string, holding it as far away as possible. With a shrug to Wulfgar, who had moved a cautious step away, Drizzt brought the pouch down to his belt level and peeked in. Wulfgar moved closer, curious and concerned when he saw Drizzt's shoulders droop. The drow looked to him in helpless resignation and inverted the pouch, revealing its contents.
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