The Kingkiller Chronicle


The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy series by Patrick Rothfuss, telling the autobiography of Kvothe,[1] an adventurer and famous musician. The first two books, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, were released in 2007 and 2011, respectively. A third is planned to fill out a trilogy, but a release date has not been announced.
The plot is divided into two different action threads: the present, in which Kvothe tells the story of his life to Devan Lochees (known as Chronicler) in the Waystone Inn, and Kvothe's past, which makes up the majority of the first two books. The present-day interludes are in the third person from the perspective of multiple characters, while the story of Kvothe's life is told entirely in the first person from his own perspective.
The series also contains many metafictional stories-within-stop

This trilogy is one story. You are strongly encouraged to read them in order, as each one continues where the last one left off.

Patrick said of his story in Rogues: It takes place prior to the opening of The Name of the Wind and follows Bast around for a day (third person narrative).

Series also known as:
• Хрониките на кралеубиеца [Bulgarian]
• Crònica de l'Assassí de Reis [Catalan, Valencian]
• Kronike Kraljosjeka [Croatian]
• Kronika Královraha [Czech]
• Kongedræberkrøniken [Danish]
• De Kronieken van Kvothe [Dutch]
• Kuninkaansurmaajan kronikka [Finnish]
• Chronique du tueur de roi [French]
• Die Königsmörder-Chronik [German]
• A királygyilkos krónikája [Hungarian]
• Le Cronache dell’assassino del Re [Italian]
• Kroniki królobójcy [Polish]
• A Crônica do Matador do Rei [Portuguese]
• Cronicile Ucigasulului de Regi [Romanian]
• Хроника Убийцы Короля [Russian]
• Hronika o kraljoubici [Serbian]
• Kronika kráľovraha [Slovak]
• Kraljemorčeve kronike [Slovenian]
• Crónica del Asesino de Reyes [Spanish]
• Berättelsen om kungadråparen [Swedish]
• Kral Katili Güncesi [Turkish]