The Power

Page 81

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"We really need to go before anyone questions that or the dead guy." Josie opened the passenger door. "Like, for real."
Good call.
"You saw that?" I asked Gable, and when he didn't answer, I tapped the side of his face. He blinked rapidly. "We aren't messing around here. You get me now? That thing was after you."
"Me? I-I don't understand. I'm not anything special."
"I'm something special. You're kind of special." Hercules sidled up beside us. "But I already told you. You're the son of Poseidon, and the Titans want you because they can feed off you."
"Oh," Gable murmured, dazed. "You did tell me that."
"Yep." Hercules smiled.
Gable wasn't struggling as I shoved him into the back of the SUV. What he'd just seen had sucked the fight right out of him. Alex was on one side of him, Hercules was on the other.
I caught Herc's attention. "Keep him under control."
He one-finger saluted me.
Rolling my eyes, I shut the door and as I passed Josie, who was getting in, I smacked her ass. Yeah, not exactly the most appropriate time, but I wasn't the most appropriate person. Her head whipped around, and I winked. She shook her head as she got in, closing the door behind her. A second later, I was behind the steering wheel and then easing out into traffic.
It wouldn't take long before someone saw the body. We were going to have to ditch this car and lay low.
"You hanging in there?" Josie twisted around and asked.
Gable looked up and slowly turned his head left, then right. "Dude, that was . . . that was some Supernatural shit right there."
Alex choked on her l