The Dominant

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Author: Tara Sue Me

"Thank you. I'll keep you posted."

"You do that." I motioned to Apollo, and we walked back inside. "Tell him I've got tickets to the Yankees headed his way."

"You're too good to him, Nathaniel," she said with a sniffle. "Thank you."

Once inside and up the stairs, I left Apollo outside the bedroom door. Abby knelt on the pillow, watching me.

Yes, last night had been strange, but we were still here. We could still do this. She still wanted this.

The rest would follow in time, perhaps.

I walked to stand before her. "Very nice, Abigail. It pleases me that you anticipate my needs."

I took my pants down and let my erection spring free. With no hesitation, she leaned forward and took me in her mouth.

I slipped my fingers into her hair and slowly worked her mouth. Taking my time. Wanting to get us both back to where we needed to be.

She moved her head in time with my thrusts, matching me as I pulled on her hair. I hit the back of her throat and felt her relax around me, taking me deeper. A tentative hand reached up to cup and stroke my balls.

She felt so good. I knew I didn't deserve her. Didn't deserve the gift of her submission.

But I was a greedy bastard and I was going to take it anyway. Take it for as long as she allowed me to have it.

I moved faster, hitting her throat, and my lips parted in pleasure. It surprised me that I'd been clenching my teeth.

Her tongue slipped around me as I thrust into her mouth. My hands tightened in her hair and I drove faster toward my cl**ax.

I wouldn't warn her of my impending release. I'd wait and see how she reacted, if she picked up on my body's clues. I thrust deeply, ejaculating down her throat.

She didn't miss a drop.

I loosened my grip on her hair and sighed. Yes, this was good. We were still good.

I reached a hand down to help her up, wondering if she'd noticed the lube when she entered the room. Did she have any idea what I would do next?

I unbuttoned her shirt, throwing it to the ground. Her pants went next, and she gracefully stepped out of them. Her eyes darted around the room and her body tensed when her gaze fell on the lube.

"Look at me, Abigail," I said calmly, running my hands down her arms to take her hands. "I want you to answer my questions."

It would help her to answer out loud. I pushed her back toward the bed and grabbed the lube from the dresser. "Where are we?"

She scrambled up onto the bed, looking at me with her deep brown eyes. Wanting so much to trust me. "Your room."

I joined her on the bed. "Where in my room?"

"Your bed." She sat down on her heels.

I grew hard again, but I ignored my erection. This was about her. Relaxing her. Preparing her. My desires would have to wait.

"What happens in my bed?" I trailed a hand down her side, watching as her skin broke out in gooseflesh.

Her eyelids drooped in anticipation. "Pleasure."

"Yes." I took her in my arms and gently lowered her onto her back. Yes. Only pleasure in my bed. Nothing else. Ever.

I bent my head, nibbling along her neck, while my hands paid homage to her breasts. I gently cupped them and brought my hands up, barely applying friction to her nipples. Her back arched upward.

I moved my lips lower, swirling my tongue into the hollow of her throat, nipping gently. She drew a hasty breath.

"Just feel, Abigail," I whispered. I ran my hand back over her chest and felt her heart racing. Yes. It was working.

I brushed my fingers lower, slipping into her folds, testing her readiness.

More. She needed more.

I slid down her body, my lips moving effortlessly across the smooth skin of her belly. Her hands ran nervously across the bedspread, and I licked her belly button.

So sweet. Every part of her was sweet.

I traced the line of her abdomen, dipping my fingers lower to flit gently over her swollen flesh. Slowly, I pushed a finger inside her; she rocked against my palm.

"Yes," I said, against the expanse of her belly. "Just feel."

I settled myself between her legs and pushed her knees up and out, opening her to me. Her h*ps bucked off the bed in anticipation.

"Wait," I said, placing kisses up her thigh, making my way to where she wanted me the most. She groaned. "Wait."

I pushed my tongue inside her and licked. I brought my hands under her legs and slid underneath, so her knees rested on my shoulders.

She whimpered.

Oh, yes.

I went back to licking her, tasting the delicious evidence of her arousal while my finger circled her clit. I glanced up. Her hands fisted the bedspread and her body arched as she tried to get closer to me.

I grabbed the lube from beside us. I licked around her clit, almost touching, while squeezing lubricant on two fingers.

This was new, and she had been uneasy every time I'd brought it up. I wanted to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for her. Show her just how much pleasure I could bring her when she trusted me.

I went back to nibbling her pussy. Slowly, I brought my fingers to her lower opening, just enough for her to realize they were there. Stroked her. I took a long lick at her clit, finally giving her the friction she craved while at the same time I pushed a fingertip inside her anus.

She gasped.

"Pleasure, Abigail. Just pleasure," I reminded her. My fingertip moved slowly in and out, going deeper with each push.

I matched my finger to my tongue, working her two ways. My teeth nipped a bit harder, and once more, her body climbed near release. I heard her choppy breathing and saw her legs tremble.

"Relax," I whispered, because what came next would hurt a bit. I gently slipped a second finger inside, making sure never to stop with my tongue.

"Oh." Her body tensed.

I lightly drew my teeth over her clit, and she rocked her h*ps in to me. Both my fingers moved inside her now, gently going deeper, gently stretching.

"Oh, ah," she panted.

"That's it, Abigail," I encouraged. "Let it go. Let me make it good."

Trust me.

She wouldn't last much longer. Her entire body trembled. Just another pass or two, I decided, licking her clit. On my next lick, I pulled my lips back and grazed her with my teeth, pushed my fingers inside as far as I could.

She gave a startled yelp as she cl**axed around me.

I gently placed her body on the bed and watched in satisfaction as the aftershocks of orgasm rippled through her.

I'd done that.

I'd brought her that pleasure.


Her eyes slowly opened and she gazed at me in wonder.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Of course, she didn't need to answer; it was obvious just how okay she was.

"Mmmmm," she mumbled, rolling onto her side.

I gathered her to me. "Can I take that as a yes?"

She gave a weak nod and tucked her head into my chest.

Something I'd never experienced swept over me, and I pulled her tightly to me. I never wanted to let her go.

Chapter Twenty

On Wednesday when I arrived at the library, Abby stood at the front desk, but this time she faced the door. Dare I hope she waited for me?

"Good afternoon," I said.

"Good afternoon, sir," she said with a seductive grin.

Damn. Just hearing her call me sir made me hard.

"Is this still a good time?" I didn't want to assume anything. Wednesdays were outside of our original agreement, and I wanted her to feel free to turn me down. I hoped beyond hope she wouldn't turn me down, but the choice was still hers.

"One thirty." She pointed to the computer screen. "Says so right here."

I looked deep into her eyes, unable and unwilling to hide what I felt, but certain it didn't come across. "Will you accompany me to the Rare Books Collection?"

"Yes," she whispered.

I held out my hand. She took it and walked around the desk to stand before me. I stood for just a second, staring at her.

She wore a long-sleeved dress today. It hugged her curves, showing the outline of her breasts, the swell of her hips.

"You look very nice," I said.

She smiled at the compliment. "Thank you."

It felt odd. Standing there, making normal everyday conversation while we both knew where we were headed. What we would be doing in just a few minutes.

I looked around for Martha. She stood by the newly released biographies.

"I've got you covered, Abby," she said, waving from her post. "You go on."

Abby dropped my hand. "Follow me."

Like I could do anything else.

We walked up the stairs, Abby leading the way. When we reached the room, she opened the door and entered first. I closed and locked the door behind us. She waited.

"Take your shoes off," I said.

She obeyed, slipping off one shoe and then the other. Fuck. Even Abby taking off her shoes was sexy. She reached down and, with one finger, slipped off the tiny socks that had been hidden by her shoes. I swallowed a moan. Abby taking off her socks was even hotter.

"Turn around," I said, and she turned to face the table from last week. I came up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders, feeling how she trembled in anticipation. "To the table," I said, gently pushing her.

She walked forward until she stood before the table. I pressed up against her, making sure she felt my erection.

I bent her over, running my hands down her arms as she complied. I pushed her to her elbows and pressed my c**k harder against her.

"I like this dress you're wearing," I said, stepping back and running my fingers across her backside. "Just a simple little piece of fabric between us."

She pushed back against me and I grinned.


"Know what else?" I asked, slipping my hands under the hem of her skirt and lifting it up, exposing the pale pink panties underneath. I slid them down her legs. "We don't need to use a condom anymore."

My middle finger skimmed her entrance. She was already aroused. "I'll be able to feel everything when I slide into you." I unbuckled my pants and pushed them down. With one step, I pressed against her again. "And you'll feel all of me."

She moaned.

"You like that, don't you, Abigail?"

"Yes, sir. Please."

I pushed two fingers into her, testing her arousal again. "Have you thought about me all day? Imagined me doing this to you?"

She gasped and nodded.

I pumped my fingers slowly. "Tell me. Tell me with words."

"I've thought about you all day, sir. Imagined what you would do."

"While you were supposed to be working?" I asked in mock surprise, pulling my fingers out.

"Yes, sir."

I spanked her once. "Shame on you." I spanked her again and she moaned. "You're such a naughty girl, Abigail." I spanked her one last time and leaned over her back to whisper in her ear, "Do you know what happens after naughty girls get spanked?"

"No, sir."

I gave her ass another slap. "They get fucked."

She mumbled something under her breath.

"Reach out, grab the end of the table, and brace yourself." I watched as she wrapped her fingers around table's edge. "You have no idea how f**king hot you look like this."

I took my c**k in one hand and teased her, pressing it against her, but never going further. She whimpered. With one smooth stroke, I slid into her and we both moaned.

It had never been like this. Never. With my previous subs, I had been fine with our weekend arrangements. Never before had I felt the need to seek them out during the week. Why was everything so different with Abby? Why couldn't I last from Sunday afternoon to Friday night without seeing her? Without touching her?

Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks