Taming the Wolf

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Sawyer smiled in my direction, and when I realized I was still staring at him, I smiled back sheepishly. Our attention was drawn away from each other when Adam and Eve walked through the door. Every single member bowed their heads in acknowledgment and remained still while the alphas made their way through the house. The air prickled with their power and the hair on my arms stood on end. Separate they each had a powerful presence, but together it was overwhelming. My wolf fidgeted within me, ready for a command from her alpha couple. My wolf lived and breathed to please them. The sensation of having feelings that didn't yet make sense to my human mind was still alien to me. The one thing I could count on was that my inner wolf would never lead me astray. I could trust those feelings, even if I didn't understand them.

Adam and Eve made their plates, sauntered over to the table, and the pack's stoic bodies became active as each member rushed to fill their plates as well. Like everything else in the Everwood Pack, eating also had a pecking order. Guess who waited until everyone else got their food?

Leaning against the wall, I watched my brethren attack the buffet with excited vigor. If there was one thing to be said about werewolves, it was that we loved to eat. My stomach grumbled as the scent of roasted meats, potatoes, and cornbread teased my nostrils. Becoming a wolf amped up my metabolism; I could eat my weight in food and not gain a pound.

Sawyer wandered over to me, carrying two plates stacked with food. His lips quirked into a smile, and his head motioned for me to follow him. I could tell multiple sets of eyes were focused on our interaction; mating was sort of a big deal in our pack and a rarity. Had Adam announced to everyone that the newbie was promised to Sawyer Matthews? My eyes traveled over the bodies in the kitchen and met many curious stares. Sawyer waited patiently while I decided if I would follow him or ignore him. If I snubbed him, I'd be presented on Luke's doorstep and black and blue come morning.

Taking a step forward, I followed Sawyer through the house. He headed towards the sliding glass doors that led to a large deck. Before I stepped outside, I caught Adam's approving gaze. I had my fair share of mouthy moments that led to Adam disciplining me, but he knew I wouldn't disobey this particular order-he'd made sure of that. Sawyer set the plates on the patio table and took a seat. I sat across from him and stared at my food. It felt like our parents planned our marriage from birth, and we were meeting for the first time-in other words, it was awkward as hell, at least for me. Sawyer seemed perfectly at ease as he tore through a chicken leg. I found out very quickly that manners didn't exist in a werewolf pack. We were all animals, why not act like it was the motto of the pack, one I hadn't quite picked up on yet.

"Not hungry?" Sawyer asked around a mouthful of food. I shot him a look and frowned at the steak sauce that dribbled from his lip. If this was his idea of wooing me, my love life was in serious trouble. Ignoring his amusement, I stabbed my fork into my mashed potatoes and took a bite. Hollers and loud laughter sounded from inside the house, and I wished I was in there rather than being stared at by Sawyer.

After taking a few more bites, I couldn't stand it anymore. I dropped my fork and glared at my date. "What the hell are you looking at?" Boldness was a trait I picked up during the three months since becoming a wolf. I had to be tough, otherwise the pack would always walk all over me. I didn't plan on spending the rest of my life as their welcome mat.

"I love to watch a woman eat," Sawyer replied softly. "There's something sexy about a woman with a healthy appetite.

"We're wolves. We all have healthy appetites. Using that pickup line here is like going to a bar and being shocked they serve alcohol." I had no patience for people who stated the obvious. Maybe that was why I hadn't dated anyone more than once in two years. Sawyer was handsome, but it wasn't enough to turn me into a blubbering idiot who giggled at his so-called charm.

Sawyer laughed and leaned back in his chair, his eyes appraising me. His fingers brushed the side of his stubble lined jaw and a dangerous glint replaced his amusement. "I also find a feisty woman sexy," he paused. "I like a good chase. What about you, Anna? Do you like a good chase?"

I rolled my eyes in response, but my wolf bristled under my skin. It had been a long time since I'd been with a man, and now that I was an animal, my sex drive was carnal, wild, and ready for action. It was a constant war between my human side and my wolf side. Before changing, I wouldn't have fallen for the hungry glint in Sawyers eyes or gotten wet from the sight of the bulge in his pants. Now, I was as turned on as a nympho. Stamping down my rising yearning, I stood, grabbed my plate, and headed for the door. I would not allow my wolf to turn me into a piece of ass for the men in our pack. Most of the women here had lost that war, I didn't intend to.

Sawyer's body pressed against my back, his erection digging into my backside. My wolf quivered like an excited puppy. Gritting my teeth and anger rising to overcome my desire, I turned and pushed Sawyer backwards. Anger was my only defense against my wolf's carnal appetite-she loved a good fight almost more than a good romp in the sheets. Sawyer was hip to my game though, he pushed forward, his hand wrapping around my waist and clasping my behind. My wolf was close to taking control of the situation which would end with me wrapped around Sawyer's dick and a big helping of regret in the morning.

The pack heard the commotion from our sick little dance and filed onto the deck. The air grew thick with desire, hunger, and excitement as they watched Sawyer and I play our game.

"Teach that pup who's boss," someone called and was rewarded with deep guttural laughs.

"I got my money on the bitch," another said. This wasn't the first time a male sniffed in my direction and it wouldn't be the last. My wolf may be stronger than me, but I learned how to distract her-with a fight.

Catcalls and laughter surrounded us while I waited for Sawyer's next move. There was a lot riding on the outcome of our game. If he failed in mating with me, his manhood would be ridiculed, at least for a while. Two other men dealt with the taunts after failing to bed me and so would Sawyer.

A smile curled my lips while a rush of excitement raced through my veins. Sawyer stepped forward, fisted a hand in my hair, and tilted my head back. To the pack it looked like he had overpowered me. I could smell their desire in the air. They were ready to see two hot bodies, flesh to flesh, moaning and growling in desire as Sawyer claimed my body. His fingers slipped behind the waist of jeans, ready to rip them away and show me who was boss. Victory revealed itself in his green eyes. Just like a man to celebrate early.

Bringing my knee up quick and swift, I landed a hard blow between his legs. Sawyer's hand dropped from my hair as he cradled his genitals. Men think they're tough, but can be brought to their knees in an instant if their dicks take a blow-no pun intended. My wolf quivered for a fight now, and I was happy to oblige. While he was distracted, I grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him to his feet, and threw him over the balcony. Cheers echoed in the back of my mind. I was too focused on handing Sawyer his ass to focus on my pack's reaction. If I took it a step too far, Adam would step in and stop me-it wouldn't be the first time.

Sawyer snarled, jumped to his feet, and rushed me. I was quick though, I stepped to the side, positioned myself behind him, and when he turned around, my fist connected with his face. Blood poured from his flared nostrils and a dangerous smile curled his lips into a sneer.

"I can put that fire to better use," Sawyer teased, his eyes flicking to my low cut tank top.

"Doubt it," I remarked bored.

Sawyer's chest rose and fell as he took a heavy breath, his eyes locked with mine and his frustration slowly faded away. I could tell he was giving up, and I thanked the heavens for that. I may not back down from a fight, but I didn't enjoy it. Okay, sometimes I did, but I only resorted to fighting when a male came sniffing in my direction and thought he could claim me sexually like I was a piece of property. That shit didn't fly with me, as my pack mates were quickly learning. I wouldn't be a willing female like the others.

"So, this was a fun first date," Sawyer said more to the pack than to me, and they rewarded him with teasing and laughter. I couldn't help myself, I laughed right along with them. My new life was bizarre, but I was learning to deal with it and so far not one male had been victorious in getting into my pants.

Sawyer wiped at the blood coming from his nose and held out his hand to me. With a smile, I took his hand in mine and shook it. To the unknowing spectator it looked like Sawyer tried to rape me, but he hadn't. He quit long before he should have, and had he been successful in breaking me, I would've willingly slept with him. It was the way of the wolf.

"Let's hope your game is better for the second," I told him.


After everyone patted me on the back for giving Sawyer a run for his money, I snuck off. I liked hanging out with them, but I liked being by myself and come tomorrow morning I'd be busy with more chores.

Shifting into my wolf, which became less painful the more I did it, I headed for the tree line. The first month was torture as my body shifted and contorted into something unnatural and foreign. Adam made me transform over and over so I built up a tolerance to the pain. Now, the only discomfort was sore muscles. As a wolf not only had my strength and metabolism increased, I now had the ability to heal a lot quicker.

My wolf was as white as the snow capping the mountains and the only one in the pack. Some people thought it was a sign I would do great things, but after three months of screwing up, they'd given up on that theory. I didn't know why I was the singular white wolf amongst my pack, but I didn't think it had anything to do with my destiny.

Cutting across a meadow, I ran like the wind to where a small stream bubbled through the mountains, a place called Crazy Woman Canyon. The moon was bright in the night sky as it cast a silvery glow on the earth. We didn't need a full moon to change, but we couldn't refuse changing during one. During those times of month the pack came together and hunted, taking down moose and elk as a team.

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