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Her audible gulp made him smile. "Have you ever had an orgasm from o**l s*x?"
She shook her head slowly making him smile even bigger. "Good, I'll be your first."
Her answer sort of surprised him, especially at her age but then she had said Kratz had been her only serious relationship and somehow he doubted at his age that dickhead would be into that. For Noah ever since Tessa, it had become his fetish. One he'd perfected over the years.
He worked his way down her neck sucking slightly after kissing her soft skin. "No hickeys," she said squirming.
Oh, there'd be plenty more hickeys coming her way. Putting his mark on her had now become another one of his fetishes. Nothing had been more pleasing than to see his unmistakable marks on her neck after their workouts when the makeup she'd used earlier to cover them up had all come off.
He lifted her t-shirt off her, bringing his lips over her breast. Hearing her moan as he sucked her nipple made him hotter than shit and he sucked even harder. He'd finally started to work his way downward when he noticed the mark he left on her breast. Why the hell that turned him on so much he didn't know, but he felt ready to burst. He kissed the mark one last time before starting his kiss trail down her belly.
Her body trembled when his finger went under the waistband of her soft pajama pants. Pulling down at her hips she lifted her behind to get them off and he had to slow to catch his breath when he saw how clean shaven she was. His breath hitched for a moment when he thought of all the other places he could leave his mark.
Starting with her soft inner thigh he kissed and sucked, loving how her body reacted to his tongue, his lips. Slowly he worked his way to her most private of places stopping again to catch his breath, try to calm his heart, keep himself from exploding right there.
Staying as calm as possible, he dove in for that first taste. It was just as good as he thought she would be and he struggled to hold back from devouring her like the wild animal tasting her made him feel like. He wanted her first time to be as long as possible but she was already moaning and every quiver her body made with each one of his licks got even stronger.
He worked her gradually, meticulously enjoying every jolting response her body made to his stroking tongue. There was no other way to describe it but heaven. Doing this to Roni he knew would be a different experience than any other he'd ever had but this was incredible. He could go on for days and not get enough.
Unable to hold back the need for more his lips and tongue went in for the kill. Her back arched and she lifted her hips slightly shuddering again and again until she cried out in delight.
His tongue continued even as she began to beg for him to stop, that she couldn't take anymore. Satisfied and nearly there himself he kissed her one last time before coming to lie next to her still shuddering body.
In the distance somewhere, even earlier when it felt as if nothing else around him existed he thought he heard the phone ring. Now that all his senses were coming back he knew it was. Roni's phone rang on the nightstand but she didn't answer. She was still lying there with her hand over her chest, trying to catch her breath.
"I think I enjoyed that more than you did." He lay next to her, pulling her now naked body to him.
"That can't be possible."
He could feel her heartbeat now. Fast and hard against her chest. "Oh, believe me. It's very possible." He kissed her cheek. "I already can't wait to do it again."
She turned to him her eyes as wide as when he first told her he wanted to taste her. "I don't think my heart could take anymore."
He chuckled just as her phone rang again. This time she reached for it looking at screen. She sat up so quickly she startled him, and answered. "Margaret, what is it?"
Her legs were off to the side of the bed in an instant and she reached for her shirt holding it up in front of her in an attempt to cover up again but she looked upset.
"No I've been calling her all week but she hasn't answered or returned my call." Noah waited concerned with the panic in Roni's voice. "I'll be right over."
As soon as she hung up she was up and threw the shirt over her head.
"What's wrong?" Noah came to the edge of the bed and stood up.
Roni rattled something off about Nellie finally confronting her bastard cheating husband and finding him with another woman. Margaret was Nellie's mom and just seeing her name on her caller ID had set off Roni's panic button since she never called her. She'd asked her to come to Nellie's house and help talk sense into her, because apparently Nellie was going overboard on the sleeping pills the last few days, not answering any of their calls and none of them knew what was going on until they stopped by her place unannounced.
"You want me to go with you?" he asked following her into her room.
"No, I may be there all day." She stopped, a regretful grimace replacing the wild concern on her face. "I'll probably miss your barbeque."
Noah waved that away. "Don't even worry about that. Just calm down before you drive," he said taking the few steps toward her and hugged her. "Relax okay?" He kissed her forehead. "She'll be alright now that you'll be there."
She smiled and he hoped she knew he really meant that. Having Roni around made everything so much better. He wasn't sure how to explain it. Everything just seemed brighter-tasted better.

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