Heat of the Night

Page 18

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Annabelle felt Ryan's eyes on her as she stroked his roommate's erection. She turned her head, meeting his gaze, and the fire she saw in his eyes stole her breath. It was good fire, aroused not angry, and when she glanced south, she noticed he was hard too. Licking his bottom lip, he undid his jeans and pulled out his own cock, stroking himself while she stroked his friend. She looked down at the thick erection in her hand, her heart pounding so fast she feared it would explode.
"What are you waiting for?" Ryan said in a low, slightly mocking voice. "Take him in your mouth."
As her pulse shrieked in her ears, she slid off the couch onto her knees and did as Ryan asked. Matt groaned softly as she wrapped her lips around his tip, dragging her tongue over the velvety flesh. He fisted her hair, guiding her along his shaft, thrusting impossibly deep. She relaxed her throat and took him in, all the while feeling Ryan's gaze burning into the back of her head.
"God, darlin', that's so good." Matt's husky voice made her shiver. She loved that faint accent of his, loved the way he moved his hips as she sucked him.
She was just getting into the blowjob, enjoying the rough sounds he made, when he withdrew from her mouth and hauled her up into his lap. His warm hands snaked underneath her shirt, tugging it up and over her head. Matt's green eyes glittered with appreciation at the sight of her bare br**sts.
"You are beautiful," he said softly.
He dipped his head and covered one nipple with his hot mouth, kissing it gently. Annabelle tilted her head to the side, watching Ryan as he watched them. She saw his pulse throbbing in his throat, his lips parted slightly as he moved his fist up and down his cock.
Matt flicked his tongue over her aching nipple, then looked up at her from under unbelievably long eyelashes. "Do you like having him watch?"
She swallowed. "Yes."
Smiling, Matt turned his attention to her other breast, while moving one hand between her legs to cup her mound. She moaned, rubbed herself against him, cradled his head with her hands and brought him closer to her breast. Her skin was scorching hot, her mouth desert-dry. Matt gently pushed her onto her back, his big hands sliding her shorts down her legs. He tossed them aside, spread her thighs and then his tongue was on her clit. He licked her, eagerly, relentlessly, until her mind fragmented and she climaxed with a loud cry. Her eyes were wide open, locked with Ryan's as she came from Matt's talented machinations.
"Is he good?" Ryan murmured, still working his own erection.
She offered a breathless yes, which turned into a deep moan as Matt pushed two fingers into her and started working on her clit again.
"Do you want him to f**k you?" Ryan asked.
Another breathy yes.
"Did you hear that, O'Connor?" Ryan said. "She wants you to f**k her."
Matt raised his head from her pu**y, his eyes gleaming with amusement. "Five more minutes. I'm having far too much fun down here."
Annabelle choked out a laugh as he continued to tease her into oblivion. He sucked on her clit, his fingers plunging in and out of her, and she came again, less than two minutes into the allocated five. Groaning, Matt lapped at her pu**y, then gave her one last kiss before climbing up her body. He was bigger than Ryan, his chest massive, his thighs rock-hard as he straddled her, and there wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere on that body of his. He was incredible.
So was Ryan, who, from the corner of her eye, she saw rise from the easy chair. A pang of disappointment, along with a spark of panic, filled her stomach. Was he leaving? He'd made such a big deal about this stupid list and-nope, he was only gone for a few seconds. He strode back into the living room, his jeans undone, his dick at full-salute, and tossed a small foil packet in Matt's direction.
Matt caught the condom skillfully, unwrapped it, and had the thing on before Annabelle knew it. Ryan settled in his chair again, staring at her as she spread her legs for Matt, as she let his friend enter her. Annabelle gasped as Matt filled her to the hilt. This entire experience was surreal. Surreal but unbelievably hot. Made hotter by the fact that Ryan sat a few feet away, watching her with another guy on top of her, listening to her moans and the sound of Matt's flesh slapping against hers.
"How do you like it?" Matt asked, brushing his lips over hers in a fleeting kiss. "Slow, fast, rough…I'm yours to please, Annie."
She swallowed, aimlessly pushing up him with her lower body. "Anything. Do anything," she squeezed out.
He grinned, then latched his mouth on hers, kissing her senseless as he pounded into her with his cock. She wrapped her arms around his strong, corded neck, holding on to him while he drove into her, again and again, but she kept her eyes open. Kept her eyes on Ryan. Pleasure began to rise in her belly, ripples of climax gathering and coiling tight, waiting to be released.
"More," she begged, lifting her ass to take him in deeper.
"Like this," Matt rasped, slamming into her harder.
"God…yes…like that…"
Each word was a struggle. Every muscle in her body was taut, burning with anticipation. Matt reached for one of her legs, lifting it up to his shoulder, and suddenly he was hitting a spot deep inside her that made her cry out in delight. And through it all, Ryan just watched. His blue eyes glimmering with heat, his fist tight around his cock.
Annabelle couldn't take it anymore. It felt too good, too…good…the tension in her body snapped, a powerful orgasm exploding inside her and sizzling through each and every nerve ending. "That's it, darlin', come for me," Matt said hoarsely, moving even faster. His features tightened, his green eyes a bottomless pool of pleasure, and then he let go too, his groans matching Annabelle's as they came together. READ MORE ...

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