Elizabeth's Wolf

Page 33

"Yes. Yes. Dash, please. Fuck me." Elizabeth could feel her juices flowing from her cunt, coating his flesh as he began to sink farther inside her.

A strangled moan echoed from her as she watched the plump lower lips spread around the hard flesh impaling her. It was erotic, lascivious, watching him enter her, working his cock back and forth, the flesh dripping from her flow of juice as he spread her deliciously. Another, harder pulse of pre-come had her arching, groaning in need.

Inch by slow inch he invaded the tight channel, working his engorged cock back and forth, hard growls of hunger issuing from his throat as his cock continued to sporadically pulse its hot warmth into her pussy. Never in her life had she known anything so explicit, so erotic. She had never dreamed of being taken in such a manner. Of being possessed, impaled, as she watched the penetration into her hot pussy. It was killing her. Making her mad with the pleasure. She was certain she would never survive it, but knew she would surely die happy.

"You like that, don't you, baby?" he whispered as she convulsed, on the edge of orgasm, shuddering with the growing heat coiling in her belly. "Watching me take you. Watching your pussy flatten out around my cock."

No. She loved it. She was shaking with the pleasure, shuddering with her need to orgasm.

"Yes," she panted, never taking her eyes from the sight.

He was flattening the curves, drawing her flesh tight around him, making her clit stand out in swollen demand.

"Touch your clit." His voice was hoarse, rough with hunger. "Play with your nipples with one hand and touch your clit with the other. Hurry, baby. Play with it while I push every hard inch of my cock up your tight pussy."

Elizabeth whimpered. One hand fell to her straining clit, her eyes never leaving the sight of roughly a third of his cock gleaming outside her vagina.

"Beautiful." He was straining to hold back. She could feel it in every hard throb of his cock inside her.

"Now keep stroking your pretty clit. There you go, baby. Show me how you like it. Let me watch."

Her fingers were rubbing around the pulsing nubbin, her gaze mesmerized as he watched his cock draw back slightly. Then he was pushing back, spearing into her, filling the clenching depths of her pussy with every hard, blistering inch of his engorged cock.

She was filled with him. She could feel her muscles straining around the thick flesh, at first protesting, then greedily milking at his erection. Inside, she felt another fierce blast of fluid and fought for the strength to scream at the pleasure. Her fingers paused on her clit until he groaned in protest, then began to stroke it faster, sliding in the thick moisture that dripped all along her pussy.

"Elizabeth. Baby. Yes. Hell, you're so fucking tight you're killing me." Perspiration gleamed along his body, small rivulets sliding from his shoulders.

The pressure was building in her clit now. The stimulation of that little bunch of nerves, her fingers at her nipple, Dash's hot gaze and his cock nudging at her cervix almost sent her over the edge.

She would have exploded then. Could feel her body igniting, beginning to ripple. But he chose that moment to move, to slide back, to tempt her and tease her as he built the sensations inside her body. Slow, agonizing strokes had her mewling in protest as he seemed to relish each stroke of her pussy over his cock.

"Dash. Please," she moaned desperately.

"Not yet." He grimaced. "I want to watch you, baby. Watch you stretch so tight around me while you pleasure yourself. I want to make you come so hard you'll never forget the feel of my cock inside you. Never forget how hot the hunger gets."

She would die. She knew she would. His erection was hot, throbbing. She could feel the threat of the knot pulsing in the center of his flesh, the deep, flexing ripple of need that echoed along her body.

"Now," she whispered, her fingers moving in firm, even strokes against her clit as she watched him fucking her.

He was drawing out, the engorged flesh dripping with their combined juices before pushing back in a surging thrust of desperate hunger. He was watching her fingers on her moist flesh. She was watching him fuck her. It was so damned explicitly sexual she knew she would never forget the sight of it.

"I'm going to come, Dash." She was arching closer to him, driving him deeper inside her with each hard stroke he gave her. "I have to come. Please. Please, I need you. I need to feel you stretching me more. Locking inside me…" Her voice rose, roughened, as she remembered the feel of his seed blasting hard and deep inside her womb.

She worked her pussy on the thick pole penetrating it. Deep, desperate lunges as he groaned, growled and picked up the pace of his fierce thrusts. He was fast and hard now, the sound of sucking flesh and desperate moans filling the room as Elizabeth felt her orgasm tightening in her body. Her clit was straining beneath her fingers, her cunt tightening on the flesh driving inside it. Elizabeth writhed against him in desperation. She thrust into the powerful strokes, her cries rising, becoming hard and hungry, ripping involuntarily from her throat as she felt the fragile threads of her control snap.

"Fuck me," she screamed, feeling her clit swell further, harden, the lightning-fast arcs of pleasure and searing heat ripping through it as he lunged inside her. "Oh God, Dash. Now. Now…"

She lost her breath, lost her sanity. Her clit exploded as her pussy began to ripple, spasming around the hard, immediate swelling in his cock. She felt the thick head nudging against her cervix, the knot inside her aligning the hard flesh until the opened eye was lodged against the entrance to her womb and the hard jets of his semen began to pulse inside her.

Gurgled screams escaped her as she began to twist, to convulse, her hips jerking against him, driving him harder against her as another explosion tore through her body. She couldn't stand it. She wouldn't survive it.

"Dash…" She screamed his name, crying, pleading as the pleasure consumed her. "Oh God. Dash. I can't stand it, I can't…" She arched in his arms as her body tightened to a near breaking point, hearing his agonized groan, the flexing of his muscles, his hard hands gripping her hips to hold her to him as his release tore through him.

"Elizabeth. Baby. Baby." His voice washed over her as his body collapsed against her, holding her still as he spilled every rich drop of semen into her convulsing womb. She had heard of it. Had heard Dane once discussing the phenomenon of the cervix capping over the spurting head of a cock, opening enough to suck the fertile seed inside it but she hadn't thought it possible. Hadn't believed it could actually happen. Until she felt it. And not for the first time. Distantly, hazily, she knew it had happened each time Dash had taken her. Each time he had swelled inside her. The hard, surging explosions repeated each time she felt the swelling throb, each time she felt his seed erupt from his cock. As though her mind had opened as deeply to him as her body had, she was aware of each contracting orgasm that shuddered through her body, and his moan of pleasure as it caused her pussy to milk the knot locking him inside her.

His body was tense, tight, as he covered her. His lips were at her shoulder as she realized he was once again biting her, his teeth sinking into the same area of flesh he had marked before, his mouth drawing at it as the dull pain of the bite blended in with the agonizing pleasure echoing through her. It seemed to last forever, draining her, sapping any strength, any energy she could have possessed, just as it had before. All too soon, she felt his flesh begin to relax inside her, his teeth releasing her shoulder as he moaned with low, desperate satiation.

"I love you, Elizabeth," he whispered in her ear, faint, almost too low to hear. "I love you."

Chapter Twenty-Seven

He was in love with her. Elizabeth watched Dash the next morning as he moved through the brush ahead of her, showing her by his actions how to pass through the forest without a sound. It amazed her. As he moved by, he disturbed nothing.
Not a leaf or a breath of air. Birds chirped in a steady symphony, squirrels continued to play and the sounds of the mountain remained steady, uninterrupted. When she moved to follow him, no matter how hard she tried, the forest around them stilled by several degrees and she felt as though the wildlife was laughing at her attempt to mimic Dash's grace and ease of movement within the forest.

He watched her with narrowed eyes for long minutes.

"Stop. Watch."

He wasn't big on words during the training phases he had set up. Since the night before and his whispered declaration, he had been even quieter than normal. She knew she had hurt him. Knew her silence had pricked at him.

She watched him now as he had ordered. Watched each shift of his body, each ripple of muscle. He had discarded his shirt earlier and was now dressed only in the camouflage pants he wore in the wilderness. The dull, forested colors seemed to suit him, blending in with the raven's black of his hair, the dark tanned tint of his flesh. He moved through the trees and underbrush with a confidence born of his savage DNA. He was natural, a part of the land and the battle for life that flowed through the mountain.

"Your objective is to blend with the area around you as much as possible." His voice was smooth, flowing, caressing over her like the soft breeze that rustled the trees. "If you know you can't achieve the silence needed, then wait for the breeze. It ripples through the land, and any slight noise made then can be attributed to it. Your enemy is listening for the unusual, the out of place. He's not searching for the sounds that are commonplace in his territory."

He waited for another breeze before slipping through a thick growth of fern and tall, blossoming bushes. She saw the leaves rub together, saw his legs as they parted the brush, but the sound of the wind whispering through the leaves overhead covered it.

"There will be dogs on the estate," he told her as he paused at the other side of the greenery. "Highly trained animals. We'll go in downwind of them and time our penetration of the house with the guards'

rounds to keep them from catching our scent. But it means we'll have to be fast. Fast and quiet aren't always good companions. So you have to get this right."

She did love him. She watched him move through the thickest parts of the underbrush, teaching her what she needed to know to survive, to go after an enemy that would kill them if they were caught. He trusted her to cover his back, to fight alongside him. And despite her refusal to give him that final commitment, he hadn't wavered in his determination to protect her and Cassie as best he could. And he knew she would have to fight, have to be a partner as well as a lover when knowledge of Cassie's birth was revealed.

"Remember, Elizabeth, the mission comes second place to making certain we survive it. We do nothing that stacks the odds against us, because we can always fight another day. And there are other ways to protect Cassie if we have to. This is the most efficient and the most logical at the moment. If it fails, we pull out. Do you understand me?" His voice had hardened as he turned back to her. She nodded slowly, watching him with careful intensity. His expression was somber, as he always was while training her.

"Good." He nodded, a bleak, dark look entering his eyes for just a second. "Any questions?"

"Why do you love me?" The question seemed to surprise them both. He stared at her in amazement for all of five seconds before his brows snapped into a fierce frown. He grimaced then, shaking his head.

"Hell, Elizabeth, why do you do that?"


"Wait until I'm fucking distracted to ask something so idiotic. For a smart female, that was one of your dumber questions."

Her lips thinned at the insult as she crossed her arms over her breasts and watched him angrily.

"I don't consider it a stupid question," she informed him heatedly. "Seriously, Dash. It's not as though I have a lot of experience with men telling me they love me. Maybe I need a little clarification."