Page 61

"The FBI's coming to see me," Lucas said, relaxing now that his real reason for the meeting was resolved.

"The FBI?" Raphael said. "What have you done now?"

"Sire!" Lucas said, placing a hand over his heart and pretending to be wounded by the accusation.

Raphael gave him a look of disgust, so Lucas said, "I haven't done anything that I know of. Some FBI chick has been calling. And not only us, either.
She called the local sheriff, too. Claims she's looking for a lost person and thinks he disappeared in our area. I've checked with my people and nobody's heard of him.
If he's lost, it's either the humans or the Badlands that've taken him, not us."

"And once she's gone?"

"Once she's gone, Sire," Lucas said seriously. "There will be war."

To be continued.